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looking back at my old pictures and “thoughtsz” hahahhahaf sdf all those gifs i had saved in my files o no o

im at a given point where i dont care about tumblr arguements anymore and i dont care if my blog is annoying i dont

I think it’s my voice that turns boys off like as soon as I open my mouth their boners go inverse

Laguna beach


i wonder who its-

today was promotion!

its finally summer

what are some good shows to watch?

i finally reached my goal after one year..

so it took 365 days to grow two inches..

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i can get behind the wheel next year!!

school ends in two months so maybe ill be more active????????? idk when i was active a few months ago i gained like 10 followers AND THEN I LOST THEM 

mom: anything you wear looks good on you!

me: can i buy this

mom: no its ugly

me: it sucks so much heres the link; 

sophia: OH

sophia: my god

sophia: click on

sophia: click off

Title: Remedy
Artist: Weird Dough
Played: 59 times

WeirdDough - Remedy

tonight was the best

horse ebooks accurately describes my life